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  • 'Parks and Recreation' Boss Michael Schur Breaks Down the Time-Tripping Series Finale

    Dave Nemetz at Yahoo TV 2 days ago

    Warning: This post contains storyline and character spoilers for the Parks and Recreation series finale.

    After leaping forward to the year 2017 for its final season, Parks and Recreation hopped into the DeLorean one more time for Tuesday night's sweetly satisfying series finale, jumping around in time to show us how each character's life turned out.

    We asked executive producer Michael Schur to help us make sense of all the time-jumping, and he tells us what other TV series finales he drew inspiration from, explains why Jerry — of all people! — ended up with the happiest ending of anyone, and sheds a little light on the finale's "one moment of pure ambiguity." (President Knope?!?)

    You co-wrote the finale with Amy Poehler. How did you guys settle on the concept of flashing forward to show each character's future? Well, we did a lot of discussing in the writers' room about things we liked from other series finales. We watched a lot of them, we talked about a lot of them, dramas and comedies. We watched the Shield finale, and The Wire , and The Sopranos . And we watched Six Feet Under . And then we also watched Cheers and Frasier and Friends and Seinfeld .

  • 'The Mindy Project' Exclusive: Danny Puts Mindy on a Pregnancy Diet [Video]

    Dave Nemetz at Yahoo TV 2 days ago

    Mindy might see pregnancy as a free pass to eat whatever she wants... but not when Dr. Castellano's around.

    We've got an exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday's all-new Mindy Project , as parents-to-be Mindy and Danny butt heads over her pregnancy diet after Peter classifies her as a "geriatric obese pregnancy." Keep in mind: This is a woman who proudly eats donuts for lunch, so she has a little work to do in the nutrition department.

    "Before, when we were just dating, Danny always would get on Mindy's case about her eating," star Mindy Kaling says in a behind-the-scenes clip. "But now she's actually eating for their family, and he's invested personally."

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    The usual Mindy-Danny bickering ensues, of course, but the two eventually make up and share a few kisses. When she's not puking from morning sickness, that is.

    The Mindy Project airs Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. on Fox.

  • The 'Walking Dead' Brain-Dead Move of the Week: Highway to Hell

    Dave Nemetz at Yahoo TV 3 days ago

    Every week on The Walking Dead , someone does something stupid that needlessly endangers the lives of themselves and others. Here, we commemorate those decisions in the hopes that they won't be repeated. But of course, we know they will be.

    Living in a zombie apocalypse can make anyone a little crazy. But our good buddy Rick Grimes has gotten a lot crazy all of a sudden.

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    He's skittish and paranoid, and he's grown a bushy Duck Dynasty beard that makes him look even loonier. (Maybe he can borrow Glenn's razor? That guy's always clean-shaven!) And when newcomer Aaron tried to offer his group a safe haven, Rick didn't exactly welcome him with open arms. More like a closed fist.

    To be fair, we have heard this story before, Aaron. Your beautiful community sounds a lot like Woodbury, and Noah's neighborhood, and Terminus. So how do we know you're not just going to eat baby Judith, huh?

  • John Travolta Blames Goldie Hawn for His Infamous 'Adele Dazeem' Flub

    Dave Nemetz at Yahoo TV 4 days ago

    Adele Dazeem? We have Goldie Hawn to thank for that.

    On Jimmy Kimmel Live 's special post-Oscars show, John Travolta explained once and for all what led to him mangling singer Idina Menzel's name at last year's Oscar ceremony.

    At first, Travolta tried to play it off with a jab at Brian Williams: "I was in a Chinook helicopter... and that's the truth!" But then he gave us the real (and really strange) story: Travolta says he was rushed for time before he was supposed to present — he only had a minute and 15 seconds to prepare, rather than the 15 minutes he was originally told — because the page that was supposed to escort him onstage "got stuck in an elevator." 

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    Travolta also acknowledged the bad buzz surrounding his awkward reunion with Menzel at tonight's Oscars: "Apparently, I played with her chin too much."

  • For the Love of God, 'Downton Abbey,' Not the Dog!

    Dave Nemetz at Yahoo TV 4 days ago

    Warning: This post contains storyline and character spoilers for this week's episode of Downton Abbey .

    Now listen here, Downton Abbey : We've put up with a lot from you over the past few seasons. Multiple family members dying tragically. A brutal rape. A destructive house fire. Edith having her heart crushed to bits on a weekly basis. Still, we kept a stiff upper lip and soldiered on, because that's what Downton Abbey viewers do.

    But killing off the family dog? That is the absolute last straw.

    Yes, we're sorry to report that Isis — the Crawley family pooch whose friendly, wagging butt welcomes us to each episode of Downton — has gone off to that big drawing room in the sky.

    The loyal Labrador retriever has been a Downton fixture since Season 2, lying peacefully at Robert and Cora's feet, and she even occasionally worked her way into the plot.

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    You killed Isis! You bastard!

    Downton Abbey airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on PBS.

  • Oscars 2015: 5 Reasons for TV Fans to Watch

    Dave Nemetz at Yahoo TV 6 days ago

    Sure, the Oscars are always one of the year's highest-rated TV broadcasts… but if you're die-hard TV fans like us, you might be a little behind in your movie-watching. (We really did mean to go see Boyhood , but then we got roped into this Big Bang Theory marathon…)

    Even if you can't tell your Foxcatcher s apart from your Nightcrawler s, though, there are still plenty of reasons to tune into Sunday's broadcast. Here, we present five reasons for TV fans to join in on the movie industry's biggest night.

    1. Neil Patrick Harris is hosting.

    Yes, NPH (aka Barney Stinson, aka Doogie Howser) is handling Oscar hosting duties for the first time this year. And if you've seen his previous stints hosting the Tonys and the Emmys, you know he's more than qualified to take the reins here.

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    2. Look at all the TV stars who got nominated!

    3. The musical performances are looking stellar.

    4. You can watch a number of nominated films on your couch.

    5. There's sure to be a spontaneous moment that everyone will be buzzing about on Monday.

  • Jon Hamm Reveals How 'Mad Men' Will End: With Ice Cream! [Video]

    Dave Nemetz at Yahoo TV 6 days ago

    After years of slinging ad campaigns at Sterling Cooper, will the end of Mad Men find Don Draper slinging scoops of ice cream instead?

    Video: 'Mad Men' Star Jon Hamm Remembers His Audition to Play Don Draper

    That's what Jon Hamm tells us, anyway, in this exclusive behind-the-scenes look at his cover shoot for Emmy magazine. The man who's played Don for seven seasons now reveals his character's very delicious — and very fake — ultimate fate:

    "This won't spoil anything, but Don ends up changing identities again and running an artisanal ice cream shop in Vermont. So he changes his name to 'Ben & Jerry.' Which I don't think anybody would really see coming, and this won't air till it already airs, but really, I think it works… it just works for the character."

    The final episodes of Mad Men premiere Sunday, April 5 at 10 p.m. on AMC.

  • Does the New 'Mad Men' Teaser Hint at a Big Time Jump? [Video]

    Dave Nemetz at Yahoo TV 7 days ago

    Mad Men is all about the 1960s... but according to this new teaser for the final seven episodes, we may be stepping into a whole new era.

    The video above shows Don, Peggy, Roger, et al at a swanky garden party, sporting bell bottoms and long sideburns that seem a bit more '70s than '60s. (Of course Don looks the same. He always looks the same.) And the soundtrack is Diana Ross's woozy hit single "Love Hangover," released in — get this — March 1976.

    Remember: We last saw the Sterling Cooper gang in the summer of 1969. So are Don and company zipping forward to the years of disco and President Gerald Ford?

    Video: 'Mad Men' Star Jon Hamm Remembers His Audition to Play Don Draper

    Creator Matthew Weiner is a notorious spoiler-phobe, and the year in which each Mad Men season is set is always a closely-held secret. But hey, it's the final episodes, after all; maybe he's loosening up a little. And the musical cues used on the show are meticulously tailored to the era, so it'd be unusual for them to use a song from a different year.

  • 'Jane the Virgin's' Jaime Camil Drops Big Hints About Rogelio's Next Act

    Dave Nemetz at Yahoo TV 10 days ago

    It should be noted: Gina Rodriguez has been anointed Jane the Virgin 's breakout star — and deservedly so! — but each week, the biggest laughs come from Jane's ridiculously self-involved soap star dad Rogelio De La Vega, played by Jaime Camil. With his seductively arched eyebrows and constant barrage of humblebrags, he might be the funniest man on TV right now. (Seriously, if this guy doesn't win an award soon, what are awards even for?)

    And though American audiences are just getting to know Camil, he's already a huge star in Mexico: He's acted in dozens of films and TV series, he's recorded two Spanish-language albums… he was even named People en Español's Sexiest Man Alive in 2007! So we were honored to get Camil on the phone to chat about Rogelio's sudden unemployment, how close The Passions of Santos is to real Mexican telenovelas , and his reaction to his co-star Gina Rodriguez's big Golden Globes win.

    (Fair warning: Camil does drop a few mild spoilers here about what's coming up for Rogelio, so stop reading here if you need to remain completely spoiler-free.)

    Get a sneak peek at an all-new Jane the Virgin right here:

  • The 'Walking Dead' Brain-Dead Move of the Week: Take This Walker and Shove It

    Dave Nemetz at Yahoo TV 10 days ago

    Every week on The Walking Dead , someone does something stupid that needlessly endangers the lives of themselves and others. Here, we commemorate those decisions in the hopes that they won't be repeated. But of course, we know they will be.

    First of all, this week's Brain-Dead Move really happened last week, when Rick and the gang drove Noah from Atlanta to Richmond — a thousand miles, round-trip, mind you — just to find out that (duh) his old community is now a zombie playground.

    And what do you know? This week, they ran out of gas!

    So our heroes were now on foot, starving, and at an emotional breaking point. Especially Sasha, who has lost her boyfriend Bob and her brother Tyreese in short order. And you know what happens when Walking Dead characters get upset: They get stupid.

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    But of course, Sasha was too grief-stricken to follow a simple plan and decided to take out her frustrations on the nearest zombie skull.

    Michonne was understandably upset.