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  • Marshmallows Get Their First Look at the 'Veronica Mars' Movie at Comic-Con [Video]

    Eric Pfeiffer at Yahoo! TV9 mths ago

    The cast and creator of "Veronica Mars" made a triumphant return to Comic-Con on Friday, telling thousands of excited fans that the new film is only two days from completion.

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    A sneak peek of the film was screened for fans in attendance. In the clip, Veronica attends her high school reunion and is recruited (by Jamie Lee Curtis in a cameo appearance) to renew her career as a private investigator, something she has given up since we last saw the character. Though she hasn't been sleuthing for all these years, the Veronica we know and love is still as witty and sassy as ever. And yes, Dick (Ryan Hansen) is still... Dick and Logan (Jason Dohring) is still really good at brooding.

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