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  • The Original Danny Tanner Speaks! Actor John Posey Shares the Story of Losing His 'Full House' Role to Bob Saget

    Kimberly Potts at Yahoo TV9 days ago

    You're an Atlanta-based actor and comedian, and you've just filmed the pilot for your first starring role in a TV show, a family comedy the network has big hopes for. You've packed up your life in Atlanta, and headed back to Los Angeles with a trailer-load of your belongings, you hear your beeper go off (did we mention it's 1987?) in the middle of your drive through Mississippi.

    It's your agent. He's got news. It's bad news for you, good news for another actor, Bob Saget.

    That's how actor John Posey, who played Danny Tanner in the original pilot for "Full House," learned he was being replaced in the series that would make superstars out of the Olsen twins and become a staple of family-friendly TV viewing for at least two generations of fans.

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