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  • 7 Actually Great Singles By 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Contestants

    Lyndsey Parker at Live Nation 11 days ago

    On Feb. 19 at 8 p.m. PT/11 p.m. ET, Yahoo Live will live stream the "RuPaul's Drag Race: Battle of the Seasons" concert from the House of Blues in Chicago. Tune in   HERE   to watch!

    The competing queens on RuPaul's Drag Race are known for lip-synching for their lives, but sometimes, when they try to sing live, they #$%& it up, to semi-quote Ru. Many Drag Race alums have released aggressively Auto-Tuned singles after sashaying away from the show, but only a few of them have proven to have the charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent to become real-life pop stars.

    But interestingly, two of this last season's Drag Race finalists, Courtney Act and Adore Delano, are talented live singers — in fact, before making it to the Drag Race top three, they competed on Australian Idol and American Idol , respectively.

    So to celebrate this week's RuPaul's Drag Race Battle of the Seasons live stream concert on Yahoo Live, here's a party playlist of actually decent singles by actually musically talented Drag Race alumni. You betta werk!

    7. Alaska 5000, "Your Makeup Is Terrible"

  • Watch Big Sean's Entire Epic Pre-Grammy Concert Featuring Kanye West, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber & More

    Lyndsey Parker at Live Nation 20 days ago

    Hundreds of A-list music stars flocked to Los Angeles this Grammy weekend, but even with that packed party schedule,  the place to be Saturday night was Big Sean's epic pre-Grammy concert, which streamed exclusively on Yahoo Live.

    Onstage at the Sunset Strip's House of Blues, the of-the-moment  Dark Sky Paradise   rapper and boyfriend of Ariana Grande was joined by Kanye West, Chris Brown, J. Cole, Tyga, Meek Mill, YG, and even Justin Bieber. Spectators in the sold-out crowd included Jay Z, Jennifer Lopez, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Calvin Harris, and Demi Lovato.

    The replay of the full concert will run here in a loop exclusively for 24 hours, so if you weren't lucky enough to be in the audience Saturday, here's your chance to catch this historical set! (Warning: Contains strong language.)

  • Spandau Ballet: Still Gold After All These Years

    Lyndsey Parker at Live Nation 1 mth ago

    On Jan. 25 at 8:30 p.m. PT/11:30 p.m. ET, Yahoo Live will live stream Spandau Ballet's concert from the Wiltern in Los Angeles. Tune in HERE to watch!

    Most fans — American fans, at least — know 1980s dandies Spandau Ballet for their Hot AC prom ballads, like "True" and "Gold." Both songs have of course stood the test of time (and even sound fantastic stripped of their '80s gloss, judging by the circa-2014 acoustic versions seen here). "True" has even become a true pop-culture phenomenon — sampled by Nelly, Lloyd, P.M. Dawn, and Girl Talk; covered by the Backstreet Boys, Silkk the Shocker, Fergie, and Paul Anka; and hilariously featured in The Wedding Singer and Modern Family .

    YAHOO MUSIC: A lot of people know Spandau Ballet from ballads like "True." But you were a major part of the U.K. new wave scene. Let's go back to the beginning and talk about the legendary London club where you got your start, the Blitz.

    JOHN : How many people did the Blitz hold? A hundred? A hundred and 50, tops.

    You mentioned Duran Duran. Is it true you had an ongoing rivalry with them?

  • Citi Culinary Beats: Ella Henderson Enjoys Some Sqirl Talk With Chef Jessica Koslow

    Lyndsey Parker at Backstage 1 mth ago

    On Jan. 13 at 6 p.m. PT/9 p.m. ET, Yahoo Live will live stream Ella Henderson's special birthday/record release concert from the Diamond Horseshoe Theatre in New York . Tune in HERE to watch!

    Music fans across the pond already know Ella Henderson, a finalist and fan favorite two years ago on The X Factor U.K. : Her song "Ghost," which was co-written by Ryan Tedder, entered the British singles chart at No. 1 and became the U.K.'s fastest-selling debut single of 2014 so far. In America, of course, Ella is just getting her start; however, with talent like hers, the 1 8-year-old songstress has a great chance of enjoying the same Stateside success as X Factor U.K. alums like Leona Lewis, Cher Lloyd, and One Direction.

    Still, as the two creative ladies bonded over kale tabbouleh and other fresh, locally sourced dishes, they found out they had a lot in common. See what the girls got up to at Sqirl, enjoy the Sqirl talk, and check out Ella's very tasty performance of "Ghost," too.


  • Chase Rice is Chasing the American Dream

    Lyndsey Parker at Backstage 2 mths ago

    Chase Rice is only 28 years old, but he's already lived out a lifetime of adventures. He's been a college football star, a NASCAR pit crew member, a reality TV competitor, and the co-writer of the best-selling country digital song of all time, Florida Georgia Line's "Cruise." And on top of all that, he's launched his own successful solo country career, with the EP Ready Set Roll and full-length album Ignite the Night . Clearly, this guy plays to win.

    "Backstage with Citi" recently sat down with Chase to talk about how injury and loss actually opened up a whole new unexpected career for him… and how he's been running with that ball, so to speak, ever since.

    YAHOO MUSIC: Before you got into country music, you played football. Is that something you envisioned doing as your career long-term?

    Had you played music at all before, like for fun, as a kid, or anything like that?

    Was there a moment when you realized this country thing was really going to be a successful career for you?

    You've done a lot with your life already. Is there something you haven't tried yet that you want to do?

  • Anthony Hamilton: A Cause for Celebration

    Lyndsey Parker at Backstage 2 mths ago

    On Dec. 12 at 6:30 p.m. PT/9:30 p.m. ET, Yahoo Live will live stream Anthony Hamilton's concert from the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Tune in HERE to watch!

    Soul singer-songwriter Anthony Hamilton is a real Renaissance man. Yes, he's a Grammy-winning, critically acclaimed artist, with eight albums to his credit, including this year's Christmas release, Home for the Holidays . And he's a fantastic performer, currently on a holiday-themed concert tour, with a USO show lined up this month. But he's also an actor, a chef, a father of six, a former barber, and even an aspiring perfumer!

    Backstage with Citi recently sat down with Anthony to discuss all this and more, and the thoroughly charming conversation put us in a festive mood indeed. Check it out!

    YAHOO MUSIC: You have some originals on Home for the Holidays , alongside the classic carols. What do you think makes a great Christmas song?

    You have a very big family …

    Yeah, six boys!

    So Christmas must be a big deal in your house.

    Yeah — and quite expensive!

    Do your kids still believe in Santa?

    What are your favorite dishes to cook?

    What did you do?

  • Heart's Ann & Nancy Wilson: 'We're Not Just Ladies in Rock... We're Weird People!'

    Lyndsey Parker at Live Nation 2 mths ago

    "It's probably easier [for female artists] to get   noticed   today, to get a start. But then once you get started, some of the same pitfalls are still there — the hypersexuality," laments Ann, one of the greatest female vocalists of all time (who never had to rely just on her looks to establish her career). "That stuff hasn't really changed that much; it's just shapeshifted."

    "In many ways, it's possibly   harder   now, because the pop music scene is so extremely sexualized," adds Nancy.

    "That's the tricky thing about sexuality, that I would tell my daughter: Sex should not be confused with power. It's not currency," stresses Ann. "Hopefully young women don't confuse their sexuality with their true personal power."

    "It was pushing against the '80s, which was a very vacuous thing, and so women went all the way the other way. Suddenly you had Courtney Love   with her makeup running down and mouthing off. So somewhere in the middle, there was   progress ," says Ann.

  • Cue Applause! Lady Gaga to Stream Final artRAVE Concert on Yahoo Live

    Lyndsey Parker at Live Nation 3 mths ago

    Lady Gaga is on the final stretch of her artRAVE: The ARTPOP BALL world tour, but if you missed the fun when she came to your city, fear not. You still have a chance to catch this show of all shows — thanks to Gaga's live stream of the tour's very last concert, via Live Nation's channel on Yahoo Screen. The stream will be broadcast direct from her concert next Monday, Nov. 24, at 10:45 am PT/1:45 pm ET, from the Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy in France.

    Photos: Lady Gaga's ARTPOP Ball: Her Wildest Looks

    Related: Lady Gaga On Fashion, Sexuality, and Her 40,000 Square Foot Costume Archive

      But Yahoo Live viewers will have the best, most close-up seats of all, when Lady Gaga's artRAVE hits Yahoo Live/Live Nation next week. Bookmark this link now, and come back next Monday for the big show!

  • Hemming, aka 'Linda Perry Project' Winner Candice Martello, Debuts 'Vitamins' Video

    Lyndsey Parker at Reality Rocks 3 mths ago

    Viewers of VH1's Make or Break: The Linda Perry Project (an anti- Idol musical reality show that actually gave real, rare insight into the creative process) may recognize Hemming, aka Candice Martello. Candice first appeared on the program as one-half of the raggedy punk twosome Omar, but once Linda heard the softer side of Candice's acoustic solo work, she split the duo apart so that Candice could follow her own artistic path. (Don't worry: Candice's former Omar partner, Nick Fanell, quickly found new work… as Candice's manager!)

    On her own, Candice eventually became the co-winner of The Linda Perry Project , scoring a deal under the new name Hemming with Linda's recently rebooted Custard Records (the label that launched James Blunt) as well as one of the top mentors in the biz, Linda herself.

  • 'The Voice,' The Day After: Dishing About the Top 12 Reveal

    Lyndsey Parker at Reality Rocks 3 mths ago

    Wednesday night on The Voice, the top 12 semifinalists were revealed, after the first Live Playoffs and first public vote of Season 7. But it wasn't the public vote that was so shocking. America, for the most part, got it right. (Thanks, America!) Instead, it was when each of the coaches had the opportunity to save a contestant that the real surprises occurred.

    Blake Shelton, a good ole country boy who dominated Season 4 with a practically all-country team, unexpectedly ditched two of his country contestants, Taylor Brashears and James David Carter, in favor of  quirky girl Jessie Pitts. Gwen Stefani saved the blandly boy-bandish Ryan Sill over popular belter Ricky Manning. And, most heartbreakingly, Pharrell Williams and Adam Levine respectively eliminated former frontrunners Elyjuh Ren é and Taylor Phelan. Adam may have had some strategy in mind, hoping to clear a path for his other indie boy, Matt McAndrew... but Pharrell's fixation on Sugar Joans, at the expense of Elyjuh, remains a mystery.