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  • Born to Do It: The 'American Idol' Top 6 Talk Musical DNA

    Lyndsey Parker at Reality Rocks2 days ago

    Last year on "American Idol's" rival show "The X Factor," a contestant named Bree Randall claimed she was " — a semantically incorrect sentence that was ultimately her undoing. But when it comes to the current crop of contestants on "Idol" Season 13, there's actually some truth to that statement. Music truly seems to be in their DNA.

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    Alex Preston has the most famous musical relative of all the contestants: his cousin is country star Jo Dee Messina. "She was my first concert, too," he reminisces. "She's been so supportive of me, and she even let me live at her house in Nashville as I pursued music. She supports me in this 'Idol' journey, too — always tweeting to her fans to watch! She is a big inspiration."

    Reminder ! Watch my cousin Alex Preston tonight on idol. Gooooooo Alex !!!

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  • 'The Voice' Top 12 Results: The Edge of Glory

    Lyndsey Parker at Reality Rocks2 days ago

    The first results show of "The Voice" Season 6 took place Tuesday, and it aired uneventfully, with no real surprises. Perhaps the only mild shocker was the fact that two Team Shakira contestants were in the bottom three, since Shakira had seemed to have such a strong team going into the top 12.

    So the bottom three comprised Team Shakira's Tess Boyer and Dani Moz, and Team Usher's T.J. Wilkins. The low iTunes sales for T.J. and Dani — the only two contestants that didn't even crack the iTunes top 200 this Monday — obviously sealed/foretold their fates. As for Tess, who I'd predicted would be up for elimination this week, her odd song assignment, Bon Jovi's "I'll Be There for You," did her no favors; it didn't define the type of artist she is, nor did it tap into any sort of fun '80s nostalgia. Tess was the third-lowest iTunes-charter of the week, at number 176.

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  • 'American Idol' Top 7 Results: Not A-Meused

    Lyndsey Parker at Reality Rocks7 days ago

    This week on "American Idol," Jessica Meuse, one of the few contestants this season who'd never been in the bottom two or three, received such a blatant busing, the show might as well have been sponsored by Greyhound.

    The judges gave Jessica's perfectly fine performance of Miranda Lambert's "Gunpowder and Lead" an unfairly harsh critique; dug up long-forgotten embarrassing footage of her from Hollywood Week; and even slammed the David Gray song she'd selected for fellow contestant Sam Woolf. I seriously hadn't witnessed such an obvious smear campaign against an "Idol" finalist since the judges inexplicably had it out for Haley Reinhart in Season 10.

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