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  • How to Become a Reality TV Villain in Just One Day

    mwhitfi at Yahoo TV9 mths ago

    Richard Hatch ("Survivor"), Omarosa ("The Apprentice"), Dr. Will Kirby ("Big Brother") — just a few of the iconic, venomous nut jobs who made their 15 minutes count by wreaking havoc on reality TV. You may find these real-life characters offensive — thanks to their scheming, backstabbing, and spiteful speechifying skills — but I have always gravitated toward them. Reality baddies — along with pop culture villains like the Joker, Boss Hogg ("The Dukes of Hazzard"), and Amanda Woodward ("Melrose Place") — are the ones who give every great show its luster.

    Last week, I attempted (with questionable success) to join the ranks of reality legends by entering the "Big Brother" house for Press Day.

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