Baby Psy and Kimye

Daytime in No Time

"Today": Wait, did they just say the top boy and girl baby names this year were Sophia and Aiden? Hmm, maybe I'm just up on all the latest trends, but those names seem so 2011 to me. I can't wait for the 2013 list to come out, when we'll start seeing a whole bunch of baby Psy's and Kimye's!

"Good Day New York": They had a bunch of little kids for the "Yo Gabba Gabba" performance, but I would have liked to see their faces when Dave and Rosanna were playing the classic Atari game Pong! They probably had no idea what the heck they were seeing and had to be wondering why the adults thought it was so fun.

"Access Hollywood Live": Kit Hoover is obsessed with a photo of Dr. Phil playing tennis, so she awarded him the nickname Legs McGraw, which is awesome! And that somehow morphed into Billy challenging Dr. Phil to a game of ping-pong. And the jacket Legs McGraw wore that is covered in ping-pong balls was cute and all, but if he thinks that's a substitute for not showing his legs for Kit then he's got another thing coming. Lets see those gams Dr. Phil!

"Ellen": I wonder if Tim Allen and Ellen DeGeneres knew they'd be sitting and talking on her talk show set one day, as two of the richest, most successful people in Hollywood, when they met 20-something years ago backstage at the Flint Michigan Giggle Hut comedy club. Just like I wonder if this entire pumpkin pie knew it'd be eaten when our eyes met late last night in the clearance aisle of the grocery store! Okay, sorry, my bad…. No more blogging before lunch.

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