Daytime in No Time

GDNY”: Greg Kelly brought up a good point that McKayla Maroney wouldn't be as famous had she won the gold medal instead of the silver the day that her not impressed facial expression went viral. And since all anyone really cares about these days is being famous, don't be surprised if young girls everywhere strive to be second or third best at something to they can just give a goofy look when receiving their award and hope it goes viral!

Ellen”: Attention everyone: Zach Braff is NOT dead. Again. But he did have to turn up on “Ellen”, holding a print out of the second rumor in two years to get printed in the papers that he had died. This time it was a cliff in New Zealand that allegedly did him in. Zach was cool about it, saying, "I've got a ton of great online fans; occasionally, one of them just tries to kill me off!" So to repeat, Zach Braff? Alive. Although that reminds me: has anyone seen Carla from "Scrubs" lately?

Today”: Do men really need their own yogurt? That's what the health report on today's "Today" claimed, anyway. They're calling it "Brogurt", but I kind of like the sound of "Mogurt". Or maybe "Guygurt". Either way, I can't wait until Hulk Hogan smashes a carton on his forehead in the commercials. "I'll show you fruit on the bottom!"

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