Bucket of Sloths

Daytime in No Time

Ellen”: How much do I love Sofia Vergara? Is there anything she could say that wouldn't be funny? I think she could tell me my car needed $3,000 in repairs, and I would still smile. Mostly because of the way she'd say "Trans-MEEESH-un."

Today”: The ‘Bucket of Sloths’ video is the best thing I’ve seen in awhile. I’m gonna watch it again in slow-motion which is like double slow-motion if you think about it.

The Wendy Williams Show”: They played "The Dating Game" with Jenny McCarthy and it was just like the classic game show from the 70's! It was complete with inappropriate answers to risque questioning, not to mention it had really hunky guys! All it needed was a creepy old host who kissed everyone. I know I'm probably thinking of the old "Family Fued" but whatever, it would have been awesome to see!

Good Day LA”: Wow, Steve Edwards really can't sing! But what he lacks in vocal prowess he makes up for with passion and sincerity. It's weird though, he's surrounded by women all day and it gives him the urge to sing romantic songs. I'm surrounded by guys all day and it gives me the urge to scream and leave as fast as possible!

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