Car on a Hot Tin Roof

Daytime in No Time

Wake Up with Al”: I've gotten a Frisbee stuck on a neighbor's roof before, but never a car! I suppose if you're having issues with your neighbor's barking dog or loud music late at night, this is one way to handle it. And I've heard there's already a Broadway musical being written about it, it's called "Car on a Hot Tin Roof!"

Today”: There's an old saying: "dogs have masters, but cats have staff." So it was kind of surprising to see a cat who was trained to walk a dog on a leash. Yes, that's the only reason I found that surprising. Next question?

Live!”: They’re trying to ease Michael Strahan into this whole "guest co-host" thing, so they brought in Kristen Chenoweth, who's kind of like a Fun Size Kelly Ripa. I guess they'll gradually work their way up to full size hosts by the end of the week? Maybe they can wrap things up with Shaq!

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