He’s such a close-talker!

Daytime in No Time

"Today": How sweet! I always love the 'Ambush Makeover' segment, but did you see today's makeover - where the husband cried when he saw how gorgeous they made his wife? Ohmygawd! Yeah, this one was by far my favorite… like, ever! (Sorry, it's Taylor Swift's birthday — that's for her!)

"Ellen": Hmm, Amanda Seyfried didn't look so "Miserable" when she showed pictures of getting a birthday lap dance from Hugh Jackman! Truth: I'd dream that dream in days gone by. I'd dream the HECK outta that dream.

"GMA": Sure, I get bringing in Jerry Seinfeld to cheer up Robin Roberts watching at home as she recovers from her illness. But making the inventor of Festivus look to a Christmas cookie segment, in the middle of Hanukah? And with Emeril? He's such a close-talker!

"Good Day New York": They say you never forget your first time, and I'm assuming that's in reference to TV interviews. But I'm guessing that Zuleikha Robinson will definitely want to forget this one! I'm not sure why Dave Price decided to tie her up with a computer cord, but it could have something to do with the fact that he had a baby yesterday and is back at work today. Maybe he's all out of vacation time and is looking for a reason to get suspended so he can spend some time at home!

"The View": Considering how much time Barbara Walters spent promoting her "Most Fascinating" TV special that finally aired last night, I'm actually most fascinated that they didn't spend more time recapping it today! Maybe if she would have actually interviewed Honey Boo Boo Child instead of just talking about her on the special, the recap would have been so much better!

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