The corn spilled into the brownie!

Daytime in No Time

CBS This Morning”: Good thing they picked a new Pope! They've already done everything they can think of with their anchors in Rome! Charlie Rose hit the town on a Vespa, Norah scoped out all the top Gelato in town... do we have to send Gayle King over there to find the best Pasta Carbonara by the Coliseum? Because that's the kind of sacrifice a journalist like Gayle is prepared to make. Just be sure to tell her "carbonara" means "no carbs". Hey, it might work...

GDNY”: It was really nice of Greg to apologize to the guest chef they had on for turning his cooking segment into a water fight! But I think the chef should have been the one apologizing, it was his water bottle that started the war but then he wanted nothing to do with it. I mean come on guy, if there's a water fight happening you gotta get in on that!

Today”: If I had to sum up the dog-centric fourth hour with Kathie Lee and Hoda today I’d have to say, “rebarkable”! (C’mon, you knew it was coming!)

Live!”: Wow, hearing about a "Good Times" movie really sent Kelly down memory lane. Sadly, most of her good times involve watching "Good Times" with a TV dinner! And for the record, we feel you, K-Rip: it was a drag when the corn spilled into the brownie!

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