Dance. Laugh. Wash at least once a week.

Daytime in No Time

Today”: Someone has goat to make more of these mash-ups, they're amazing! I'm guessing that videos with screaming goats will get old some day, but for now I can't goat them out of my head! And by the way, that mash-up of Justin Bieber and a goat singing is perfect for anyone who suffers from Bieber fever, or hoof and mouth disease! Okay I'm done. I'll goat home and bother someone else!

Access Hollywood Live”: For all the laughter we get at the expense of Richard Simmons, he's also capable of drumming up tears just as quickly. When he started talking about why he does what he does and how much he cares for the well being of our youth, he got really emotional. He didn't quite make me cry because I couldn't stop staring at his outfit, but Billy Bush came pretty darn close!

Ellen”: Wow, where have I been? I've watched Ellen give away underwear with her name on it to celebs for years, but it never occurred to me that we regular folks could just order a pair from her shop. They probably even come with a little label inside that says "dance. laugh. wash at least once a week."

Live!”: Was it just me, or did the clip they showed of 13-year-old Scarlett Johansson from 1998 look and sound almost identical to the 28-year-old ScarJo that was live on “Live” today? Either she's aged really gracefully, or else she was the huskiest-voiced eighth grader in her class not named Vinnie.

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