Daytime in No Time

Today”: Some guy got ticketed for disturbing the peace… by laughing! His neighbor didn’t like how loud the guy laughed, so he called the cops and they cited him! I don’t find that funny at all.

Anderson Live”: I loved the video of the cat meowing under water! It was so cute! But if Anderson had showed us a video of a little kid in a bathtub trying to talk with his head submerged in water, I don't think it would have the same effect. In fact, there would probably be quite the public uproar! Talk about a double standard! When will we be able to see kids and kitties as equals once and for all?!

Live!”: Hey, since when does Kelly wear glasses? She had a bit of a sexy librarian/naughty schoolteacher look going on today. She swears she's always needed specs but never wears them. You should've seen the look on her face when she glanced over and finally realized that Regis wasn't there!

The View”: Lily Tomlin was a guest and we almost got to hear about how she had a shoplifting habit when she was younger! But she was cut off before she could even begin the story because there was a whole couch full of women trying to ask their own questions, ugh! You know what I do when a couch full of women are trying to talk to me at once? I tell my mom and her friends to stay out of my love life and then I storm out!

Ellen”: Ellen spent a looong time on a sketch showing us what it would be like to be stuck in an elevator with her. Hmm, not to split hairs (or floors), but once she steps onboard, doesn't it technically become an Ellenvator?

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