The fella named Shain

Daytime in No Time

Today”: The stars (and I use that term loosely) of the controversial MTV show “Buckwild” were pretty tame and mostly unintelligible during their fourth-hour interview. And while “Today” hasn’t officially explained where Kathie Lee Gifford is this week, we can assume this is the reason she’s gone.

CBS This Morning”: How did Andy from "Parks & Rec" make it into the super-intense thriller "Zero Dark Thirty"? I mean, I heart Chris Pratt and all... but did they think you can't spell "Navy SEALz" without "L-A-Z-Y"?

Ellen”: According to the pictures she showed to Ellen, "Biggest Loser" host Alison Sweeney spent her holidays dominating a triathlon! Uh, yeah, me too! My holiday triathlon went great: I successfully pulled off the ten-course meal, the all-day shopping trip, and I totally nailed the two-day nap (it took a lot of training, but it was worth it!)

Anderson Live”: Some fan created a picture of Anderson made entirely out of coffee! It's pretty well done I suppose, except you can't truly capture the silver part of the Silver Fox if you're just using coffee. Try mixing in some creamer or sweetener to achieve the full effect next time!

Access Hollywood Live”: Guest host Michelle Beadle sure is daring! After just a few minutes of talking to cast members from "Buckwild" she accepted some homemade candy from the fella named Shain, and she ate some right then and there! No word on how she's feeling now, but if a guy is using phrases like "I'm stuck in the holler all the time" and "get out of here or I'll shoot you" it's probably best to not accept food from them!

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