Ghost chair pranks are hilarious!

Daytime in No Time

Today”: I don't know who came up with hallway swimming, but I get the feeling that it was a complete accident! I'm guessing somebody spilled some vegetable oil or something in a hallway and then a person slipped in it, and then slid around like a greased watermelon trying to gain some footing. Either way, if this new sport doesn't find it's way to the Olympics within the next decade, I'm gonna be totally bummed!

GDNY”: All Rosanna wanted to talk about today was Greg's vacation, as short as it may have been. But I totally get it, those two days he was gone was a very depressing time in all of our lives! And when those silly rumors started yesterday that he was eloping with Lady Gaga, a part of me wept at the slight chance that they were true. So in other words, I really need to get a life!

Ellen”: Ah, Hollywood kids. They sure do love the lens! Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn turned on the video camera to film their daughters demonstrating what they learned in karate class, and they end up with an all-time viral video of Dad getting it right between two Verns. And I heard it only took 14 takes!

Live!”: Wow, Alexander Skarsgard is tall! Like, Michael Strahan tall. The slinky Swede had to line up back to back with Big Mike to see who was actually the bigger man... and I think Alexander took it by a haircut! Mike still wins the girth contest though, and it's not even close -- he's about four Skarsgards thick!

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