Me and my girl Beyonce

Daytime in No Time

Ellen”: Hey Ellen, if you want your fans to share their Facebook photos with you, that's cool. In fact, I have one you can totally look at. It just won't be an exclusive. In fact, I'm kind of telling everybody. It's just me and my girl Beyonce. NBD. (See today's show for more details!)

Live with Kelly and Michael”: Kelly always gets so excited during New York Fashion Week. And Michael seems at least a little bit into it, too. Well, at least way more interested in runway shows than Regis ever was. Hey, I take back what I said before, Mike… you really can act!

GDLA”: Steve Edwards said that the "it's a boy" balloon that was floating high above the streets of LA must have a story. Well yeah Steve, the story is that somebody had a baby and the balloon they received in celebration wasn't properly fastened down! Either that or it's a drone cleverly disguised in a party balloon used by spies to find out secrets about the city. Wait, what if that is the actual story? Now I'm freaked out!

Anderson Live”: This show gave us yet another reason why going to the gym can be a terrible experience: the overly-aggressive workout lady! So along with avoiding the guy that stares at himself in the mirror for hours on end, the lady who doesn't realize how loud she's singing because her headphones are too loud and, of course, the unnecessary locker room nudity, now we have to watch out for people with violently frantic workout routines!

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