Giuliana and Bill’s first kiss

Daytime in No Time

Today”: Congrats to Jenna Bush Hager and family! Little baby Margaret Laura (“Mila”) was born over the weekend and early reports are that the First Granddaughter and First Great-Granddaughter is doing just fine!

Good Day New York”: Apparently it's pretty easy to watch Hugh Jackman work out at his gym! But I get the feeling now that "Good Day" revealed details like what time he shows up every day and that he works out in front of a window that you can easily see right into, watching Hugh put the "jacked" in Jackman probably won't be so easy anymore! Now I’m a stalker!

The View”: There's a difference between having a discussion about the effectiveness of the bra, and going around the table so each "View" lady can discuss in great detail their own bra history! And if there's not a difference between those two things, there really should be!

Live!”: Mark Wahlberg is a talk show trooper! So what if he got stung by some unknown weird insect at a party in Miami last night, and it swelled up like crazy on his flight to New York? He will still show up and make his scheduled appearance on your show, he just might have to be wrapped in a giant ice pack that leaks all over the set. And when his next booking rolls around, he just happens to be a disgusting half-man/half-fly hybrid? Well he will still show up and fulfill his obligation, even if he rubs his antennae and oozes weird green stuff everywhere. It'll probably create a ton of buzz!

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