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Daytime in No Time

"Anderson": Hey, was that Rosanna Scotto from "Good Day New York" co-hosting with Anderson today? I like it! The Silver Fox and Brooklyn's finest, together at last. But only one of them has a sub named after her at world famous Lenny's Pizza in Point Pleasant, New Jersey! Better luck next sub, Anderson...

"Jeremy Kyle": If I told you that Jeremy Kyle was bobbing and weaving and jumping up and down and stomping his feet on today's show, you would probably think that he was involved in some sort of boxing match! But nope, he was just expressing his confusion and frustration with some phrases his guests were using. It turns out that even though he's from the UK and they speak the same language as we do, there can still be an occasional language barrier!

"Access Hollywood Live": Apparently the producers didn't think the interview with actor Mark Feuerstein was very interesting, because they sent in vocal group Midtown Men to sing a song right in the middle of the conversation! But maybe they were secretly hoping that Mark would join in because when he lit the show menorah earlier in the program, he sang a beautiful song! Instead, Billy joined in, and lets just say there's a reason he's not a Midtown Man!

"Ellen": Every year, Ellen comes up with a mascot for her '12 Days of Giveaways' series. And incase you missed it, this year's mascot is the red-hot... 'Holly Berry', who joins the likes of Big Bootie, Hot Toddy, Elfish Presley, and Big Daddy Cane. Holly Berry's not bad, but personally, I would've gone with Greg Nog!

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