Internet, you know me so well

Daytime in No Time

Today”: This morning they ran a feature called "What Your Email Inbox Says About You." So if that story is accurate, I'm all about cheap LASIK, online degrees, low mortgage rates, and lonely Russian housewives! Internet, you know me so well.

The View”: Wow, what a show today! It's too bad Barbara Walters fell down and hurt herself over the weekend and was forced to miss it. Luckily she is doing fine, but unluckily she didn't get to feel the heat of a 98 Degrees comeback! This show was a few boys from the backstreet short of being right in sync with the greatest hour of TV I've ever seen!

Ellen”: Just a quick word of advice to that unfortunate daredevil in the hang gliding web video Ellen found: that R. Kelly song you picked for the soundtrack might SOUND inspirational, remember that it's only a song about a guy that "believes" he can fly. Just because you "believe" you can touch the sky, doesn't mean you really can touch the sky. For your next video, might I suggest a more appropriate song, like "This Land Is Your Land", "Head Over Heels", or maybe a little Dave Mathews Band… "Crash" comes to mind!

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