It’s just raining water!

Daytime in No Time

GMA”: Robin Roberts made a surprise visit to set this morning, for a "dry run" through her AM routine, in the hopes of returning to work soon! She had to see how the studio lights affect her healing body, and how well she can hold up to the daily grind of waking up at 4am. But she reported a good day on the set, and a "great first step back". Way to go, RoRo! We can't wait to see you back in your anchor seat!

Live! with Kelly and Michael”: Well, I'm calling it: no, not the Academy Awards race. But I will officially state that Jennifer Lawrence will be the only Best Supporting Actress nominee to go on a talk show and tell a story about solving an issue with an itchy wetsuit by rubbing her butt on a Hawaiian landmark called "The Sacred Rocks". Ooh, risky move, J-Law. Any member of the Brady Bunch will tell you what happens when you mess with sacred ground. Look out for falling pictures and tarantulas!

Ellen”: I hope someone has actually sat down with Kristen Bell to explain to her that she's (probably) expecting a baby boy, and not a baby sloth. I'm sure she'll be disappointed, but hey, it's probably for the best, considering sloths are known mainly for hanging upside down, and taking their sweet time.

Anderson”: Having a talk show has been the perfect outlet for Anderson to extend his childhood and do all the things he never got to do as a kid. And apparently one of those things is playing with toys like the Doggie Doo! Why is there a toy based around a dog pooing you ask? I don't know and I don't care, because watching Anderson try to get it to work was the best thing I've seen all week!

GDLA”: Here we go again, everyone in L.A. is acting like it's raining cats and dogs when really, it's just raining water! But I feel like the only way to truly justify the amount of news coverage and the amount of bad driving that takes place due to the rain, would be if it was literally raining cats and dogs!

GDNY”: The writer/director of "Silver Linings Playbook" David O. Russell said that having to wait five years to make the movie was a silver lining in itself because he was able to mold the script and cast better. On a related note, having to wait 45 minutes for his interview on "Good Day" was a silver lining for me. It gave me time to eat a quick breakfast and check my email before I really had to pay attention to such an interesting interview!

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