Later rather than sooner!

Daytime in No Time

Ellen”: So wait, let me get this straight: Diddy and Marky Mark are teaming up to sell their own line of custom, artisanal, celebrity… water? Hmm, I don't see any coconuts or vitamins in it. I wonder what's so special about this Hollywood water? I hope it wasn't bottled from streams at movie sets and nightclubs, because that could be pretty gross.

Today”: If they really found a mirror that made you look ten years younger, I'm guessing it would be the top the story of the day, so that was a major red flag with the prank they pulled today! Because if a mirror could add a full head of hair to Matt Lauer, that would be one impressive mirror!

Access Hollywood Live”: I know that the "Harlem Shake" videos will eventually get old like every internet sensation, just ask the planking, owling and lamping people of the world (not to mention a certain someone named PSY!) But as I sit here watching literally dozens of "Harlem Shake" videos, I laugh every time. So while I know they will get old some day, I really hope that comes later rather than sooner!

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