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Daytime in No Time

Ellen”: They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so that's why Ellen was so flattered when she showed off the strange gifts fans had made for her, that were all supposed to look just like her. (I think the Ellen-head purse made out of duct tape was my favorite). But hey, I can relate… I get things like that in the mail from fans all the time. Which reminds me, why do you guys keep sending me stuff that looks just like Ellen?

Today”: Long live The Dude! His Dudeness Jeff Bridges was on “Today” today, with the co-writer of his new book (who I can only assume is a graduate of the Little Lebowski Urban Achievers) to talk about how his cult character has become an icon for Zen Buddhism. Whoa, Duder! Well, at least he's not a Nihilist. But I gotta say, this interview really tied the show together...

Access Hollywood Live”: The ten-year-old in me got very excited when Billy's nose started leaking live on the air. I couldn't help myself from saying things like "that Billy Bush sure is snotty" and "Billy's nose is running, he better go catch it!" And of course there is my all time favorite "you think it's boogers, but it's not." You have to say that one fast so people don't know if you're saying "it's not" or "it's snot." Thanks for that one mom!

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