Mantyhose won’t be legendary

Daytime in No Time

Today”: In the midst of their lengthy and spirited discussion about mantyhose they showed us a picture of supermodel Tyson Beckford wearing them, which I enjoyed of course! But when they surveyed upcoming studio guest John Legend, he was not into them at all. So I guess you could say that mantyhose won't be legendary!

Anderson”: Anderson had a surprise guest and I'll give you hint as to who it was - it was Rick Springfield! But I'm disappointed because they handled the mystery guest the exact same way Rachael Ray does, with the guest talking with a disguised voice while the host asks questions. I just figured Anderson could do something different like have the mystery guest give him a massage while he guesses, or eats weird things and makes Anderson smell their breath. Now that would be a mystery!

Ellen”: Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck stopped by to give Ellen a cooking demo, but they had to cut it kinda short. I assume it was so he could go back to his home at the airport and make 4,000 tiny to-go Caesar salads for everyone there. How does he get the croutons in those tiny little plastic bags? How?!

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