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Today”: Martha Stewart, apparently sensing that someone somewhere could potentially be criticized, showed up on today's show to teach us all the "best way to load laundry". And after watching her lecture and layer and pre-treat and lovingly nestle dirty clothes in a color-coordinated tuffet in the washer, I'm surprised to say I agree with her 100 percent! The best way to load laundry is to make Martha Stewart do it!

GMA”: Patti Stanger turned up with her new super-rich boyfriend. Wow, the "Millionaire Matchmaker" found a match for herself! So much for her cardinal rule, "don't pick a guy from your own supply." Hey, I wonder what she charged herself? And is she gonna make herself sign a prenup? That's the million-dollar question.

Access Hollywood Live”: Billy has been going on and on about this "Spring Breakers" movie for two days now, ever since his 14-year-old daughter said she wanted to see it. After checking it out himself and reporting what he saw, it sounds like he won that battle... for now. But then again I was 14 once, so I'll just say to Billy - sure she won't see it Billy, sure she won't!

Anderson Live”: It's fair to say that Anderson doesn't like pickles. But to say that that his co-host Snooki loves pickles his a huge understatement! It's been confirmed that Snooki is not currently pregnant, so seeing her take the lid off a jar of pickles and chug the juice out of it can only be chalked up to an obsession, a very odd and pretty gross obsession!

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