Mayor smacks into camera

Daytime in No Time

CBS This Morning”: Can't say I'm surprised about the Mayor and that TV news camera getting a little face time. I mean, hey, it's Toronto - so sooner or later you're gonna run into one of the “Kids In the Hall!” But at least now we know what "CBS" stands for: "Canadians Bumping into Stuff."

Ellen”: Wow, Maya Rudolph is putting the grown into "Grown Ups"… she turned up with yet another baby bump, expecting baby number four! And from the looks of it, Kevin James is getting ready for quintuplets.

GDNY”: When Greg and Rosanna were playing fake chess my mind immediately went to the "Saved by the Bell" episode where Zack Morris impersonated a Russian chess player! Sadly, none of the chess players Greg and Ro interviewed were from Russia, so they couldn't use the "we're Russian you" joke that Zack made. But if they had interviewed a Russian kid, Greg could have said "we are running out of time for you to show us some pointers, sorry we're Russian you." Just sayin'.

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