Natalie Morales can’t sing!

Daytime in No Time

Today”: Matt Lauer and Al Roker went for the drive of a lifetime, when they somehow ended up puttering around a golf course in a hovercraft. It looked fun, I guess... but also pretty silly. It kinda makes you wonder what the whole thing was FORE! Sorry, they just tried to buzz everyone on the 15th green.

Ellen”: Ellen had a bunch of kid inventors on, showing off their kid inventions, with crucial new breakthroughs like the 13-hour-self-timed-pet-frog-feeder, and the toasty toque, a.k.a. an electric hat. Y'know, a device that uses electricity to keep your head warm? Almost like... a hat! Still, you've got to give it up to them: all of these future Sharper Image items were created by kids under the age of 12. When I was 12, I was still scared of revolving doors.

Anderson Live”: I'm so glad Anderson is back from vacation! I've really come to love his show a lot, he always makes me laugh and he has a lot of fun with his guests and co-hosts. I hope he never leaves me again. What's that, his show won't be returning for a third season? Ugh. If I didn't get paid to watch daytime TV I'd boycott it all!

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