An occluded cold front

Daytime in No Time

GMA”: Hey, did Josh Elliott just refer to Sam Champion as "Samuel J."? As in kind of like Samuel L. Jackson? Wow. "Pulp Fiction" is gonna seem a whole lot different next time I catch it on cable. "What? What ain't no country I ever heard of! Do they have an occluded cold front with highs in the low 60's in What??'"

Access Hollywood Live”: I'm not sure why Billy and Kit were only dressed as Abe and Mary Todd Lincoln for a few minutes, but I want answers! Is it because they don't like pennies? Is it because they couldn't stay awake for the movie "Lincoln" like the rest of us? Or is it because they hate America?! Until I know the real reason, I'll just assume it's the latter!

Anderson”: Willie Geist joined Anderson as co-host on the show today and they're pretty much the best duo ever! They have a similar sense of humor and playfulness about them, plus they're both smart and likable. What I'm trying to say is that if Kathy Lee and Hoda ever go away, the new fourth hour of "Today" absolutely must be hosted by these two guys!

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