Oversized Chardonnay chuggers

Daytime in No Time

Today”: KLG and Hoda claimed they were both "struggling" through the horrible and cruel corporate practice known as "Wineless Wednesday". Oh, you poor, poor dears. Well, one thing's for sure: it wasn't a "Whine-less Wednesday"! Maybe you two can fill your oversized chardonnay-chuggers with those salty, salty tears.

Ellen”: Bethenny Frankel was already booked when news broke of her impending divorce from husband Jason Hoppy. But Bethenny still showed up to talk, saying "I can't just be on reality TV and show everything when it's the fairy princess, and not take my hits when I have to." Bethenny was hard on herself, telling the audience "I feel like a bit of a disappointment to all of you, and I feel like a failure… I put myself out there. I wanted the fairy tale, and I thought I got it. But(daughter) Bryn is my fairy tale." No jokes on this one… all I can say is best of luck, B!

GDNY”: Why do I get the feeling that Rosanna has been waiting years for a story like this duct taped airline passenger to come along so she has a valid reason to tape up her co-workers?! Now all she needs a news story about an airline who water boarded a passenger because they wouldn't put up their tray table!

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