Please lock her up!

Daytime in No Time

Today”: Wow, I wonder what it must be like to be Bill Gates' 16-year-old daughter? Upside? Your dad is one of the richest men in the world. Downside? Good luck sneaking out of your bedroom... at least not through the windows. They're always freezing up and getting stuck!

Let's Make a Deal”: This show is so much fun, and after getting a behind-the-scenes look I love it even more! But I think my obsession is spilling over into my regular life, because I've been giving out "zonks" left and right lately! My co-worker wanted a cup of coffee and I brought him a cup filled with coffee beans and then slapped him in the face. Zonk! The cars behind me at a green light wanted me to step on the gas but instead I just sat there through five green lights. Zonk! It's so addicting!

Wendy Williams”: Wendy was talking about the latest hijinx from Linday Lohan and as she sat there with a split screen showing a photo of Lindsay, Wendy said four simple words that pretty much just sums it all up, "please lock her up." Amen Wendy, amen!

Ellen”: Catherine Zeta Jones looked legitimately surprised for a second there, when she figured out that both her husband Michael Douglas, and her friend Ellen DeGeneres, had both kissed Matt Damon… and she hadn't! So, she quickly gathered her wits, and returned the serve with her story about kissing Brad Pitt and hopping into bed with his Bradness for an on-screen love scene. Well played, CZJ. That's a celebrity anecdote mic drop!

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