Pointy green ears

Daytime in No Time

Anderson Live”: Wow, I never realized how much Anderson looks like Yoda until he tried to dress like him! And I can't really give the credit to the costume or hair and makeup because all he did was put on some pointy green ears. But with his cute little scrunched faced and that wise look he has about himself, I must say… very much like Yoda he looks!

Ellen”: Well, Kellan Lutz danced up a storm on “Ellen” again today. I think he's done that every time. When are these two going to just get it over with and sign up as partners for "Dancing With The Stars"? They could go by "Ellen and Kellan", or maybe just, "DeLutz"!

Live! with Kelly and Michael”: For the record, that was Gillian Jacobs. Who's on "Community". Not Michael Jackson, who made a few records back in the day. Although they did both end up with strikingly similar facial bone structure. And if you fired up one of those "mash-up" apps, and combined Gillian Jacobs and Michael Jackson? I'm pretty sure you'd get Jillian Michaels.

Today”: Did you notice anything different about Tina Fey today? Sure she looks well rested and happy now that “30 Rock” has wrapped it’s last episode, but that’s not it! She swapped out her trademark spectacles for a brand new pair of eyeglasses! Love the look, Liz Lemon!

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