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Daytime in No Time

"GMA": Yep, that really was a thirty-something Stephen Colbert, doing real news with a straight face, in a clip from "GMA", circa 1997. He looks pretty nervous, and mostly plays it straight, and Charlie Gibson still looks more amused than anything. According to Stephen, he straight up did it for the cash... and although it was the only segment he pitched that ever aired on "GMA", it worked out way better than he ever could've hoped: producers from the brand new "The Daily Show" saw him and said, "that guy would be great at reporting fake news!"Aww, it's a meet-cute!

"Wendy Williams": I can't decide what's worse, chewing gum during an interview or asking someone to spit out their gum right in the middle of the interview! Either way, I'm pretty bummed because I was looking forward to bidding on Nene's gum on eBay, but her first instruction after spitting it out was to not put it on eBay, bummer! I was going to put it right next to the used tissue I got from Carrot Top!

"GDLA": Hosts busting into dance in the middle of a segment is nothing new, although it's pretty much awesome every time I see it! But to have a random passer by join in the fun like some lady did today makes it even better. Somebody should have given that lady a "Good Day LA" coffee mug or something!

"Access Hollywood Live": Watching the hosts and guests on this show do an impromptu seven person sing-along to "Tomorrow" was the most amazing thing ever! And what better way to sell copies of the new sing along version of "Annie" that just got released? I'm heading straight to the store to buy that, and I'm pretty sure I'll be picking up a curly red hair wig as well just to complete the experience!

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