It’s really cheesy!

Daytime in No Time

GMA”: As part of GMA Pop News, Lara Spencer reported that Jay-Z is writing the musical score for Leonardo DiCaprio's "Great Gatsby" movie. Some may be grumbling about historical authenticity, since most hip-hop was really, really underground back in the roaring '20s. But I think it sounds like a great idea, with a capital G-to-the-Grizzo!

Anderson Live”: For some reason, guest co-host Carmen Electra brought Anderson a giant plate of spaghetti that was covered in meat sauce and topped with a mountain of cheese! And while he definitely enjoyed digging in, I think he had more fun discussing what the dish was called: “A Three Way!

Today”: The wacky exercise segment today made me long for the days of the Abdominizer, the Thigh Master and the Gazelle. All of which can be found gathering dust in my garage!

Live! with Michael and Kelly”: Wow, look at Kelly and Mike, back at work right after the New Year! It probably seemed kind of odd to Michael Strahan that they asked him to host a New Year's Eve countdown-to-midnight show all by himself, in an empty studio with no audience, and no red lights on the cameras. But then again, football players should be used to a little rookie hazing, right?

Wake Up with Al”: Apparently there's a sub sandwich named after Al in Oswego, New York. And if you wanted to make the joke that it must be filled with ham because Al likes to ham it up, you're too late. Al made that joke already! But if you want to make the joke that it's really cheesy, because that would match Al's humor, go right ahead because Al didn't make that joke yet!

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