Six-ton potato

Daytime in No Time

"CBS This Morning": So wait a minute... did Chuck Lorre, creator of sitcom mega-hits "Two and A Half Men" and "The Big Bang Theory", just tell Gayle King that he also wrote the theme song for "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"? As in, the soundtrack to every Saturday morning at my house growing up? As in "Turtle Power?" And that he also used to write for "My Little Pony"?!? Wow, I never thought I'd say this, but he's my new hero… in a half shell! Turtle Power!

"Live! with Kelly and Michael": Wow, Michael and Kelly really got torched by the four-time World Wife Carrying champs from Finland! Maybe it was because they made the rookie mistake of using the Piggy Back style, maybe it was because Strahan lost a shoe, or maybe it was because Kelly's only his TV wife, but they were still flopping around on the obstacle course when the Finns were breaking the winner's tape in the studio - without breaking a sweat! I guess that's why they call it a Finnish line.

"Anderson Live": Anderson spent the entire opening segment making Rachel Dratch do different characters from her "Saturday Night Live" days. Jeez, Anderson, how would you like it if people made you do all the stuff you're famous for every time you're on a show? If I ever have you on my show I'm gonna ask you to do a "ridiculist" about something whacky and then top it off with a live report from the hostile streets in Libya!

"GDNY": Is anyone else wondering why the Staten Island Zoo named it's groundhog Chuck? When I first heard them talking about it I thought it was a woodchuck, not a groundhog! I feel like they should have named him something like Staten Island Hogworth, and G.H. Staten! Or since his competition is Punxsutawney Phil, why not name him Staten Island Bill?!

"Wake Up with Al": It took me a while to realize that the six-ton potato they were talking about was in fact a sculpture and not a real potato! I suppose I was just busy daydreaming of how many bags of potato chips they could make from that. Or how much sour cream, bacon bits, butter and chives I could put on it after baking it! Of course you would need a really big oven and about eight thousands rolls of tin foil to do so!

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