The soul patch

Daytime in No Time

Today”: They opened the show today complaining about how cold it is where they were broadcasting… Los Angeles! Later, they did a segment where all of the hosts take a Segway beach tour and they're completely bundled up with stocking hats, winter coats and gloves! Do they realize that people in New York and the Midwest are laughing at them?! I get the feeling that when they're back in New York and it's below freezing and snowing they'll wish they were right back in the comforting 55 degree weather in L.A.!

Ellen”: Random question: is it just me, or do Ellen and Keith Urban trade hairstyles every five years? Except for some reason, Keith always gets the soul patch.

Live! with Kelly and Michael”: Michael Strahan gave us a sneak peek into his grueling daily workout routine. Watching that counts as a trip to the gym, right? Sweet. I learned a lot, and I was impressed. I've never seen anyone squeeze a hand strengthener between the gap in his teeth like that!

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