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Teenage Leonardo DiCaprio Charms the Camera

Daytime in No Time

 On Wednesday, "Good Morning America" opened up something called the GMA Vault and dug up this little time capsule from 1990: Why, it's a 15-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio!

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(To place this in historical context, it would be post-"Santa Barbara" but pre-"Growing Pains" and way before "Gilbert Grape." So this was even before Leonardo would've been given "The Great Gatsby" to read in a 10th-grade English class!)

In the clip, Li'l Leo is doing one of his first-ever on-camera interviews, related to the short-lived first attempt to make a TV series out of the 1989 Steve Martin movie "Parenthood." He's sporting a Yankees cap and is already displaying some of his trademark swagger: He gives a shout-out to his "two favorite actors, Joe Pesci and Jack Nicholson," and extends an invitation to them to watch his new movie.

At that age, we're guessing Leo knew Pesci from "Home Alone" more than "GoodFellas." As for Nicholson, who knows? Maybe DiCaprio was a Tim Burton "Batman" fan?  Ah, the late '80s/early '90s. Not exactly the Jazz Age. More like the Nintendo age.

What other pearls of wisdom did kid Leo reveal? On why he got into acting at such a young age: "I like to act... it'll get me ahead in life," and "I must admit, I like the attention!” Wow, look at that sly smile! You could try to tell that face that someday he'll be on every movie screen on earth shouting "I'm king of the world!" but he'd probably tell you he already is!

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