Then We Saw Wendy’s Feet

Daytime in No Time

"Today": I just love Ann Curry's "LOVE" dress! I actually am going to start putting one-word messages to all of you near the hemline of all of my on-air outfits! Of course, they'll be out of frame and you'll never see them, but you'll know they're there!

"Live! with Kelly": Okay, if you didn't recognize today's guest Idris Elba from his Golden-Globe winning role on the BBC America show "Luther", or from his stint on "The Office", or from his three seasons on "The Wire" (Stringer Bell, y'all!)... then you probably aren't gonna know him from the British soap opera he said he got his start on back in the day. He played a guy named "Dim Tim!" That is fantastic. I'm gonna pitch myself to all the soaps right now. I could play "Tricky Nikki!" (Maybe she does magic tricks or something?)

"The View": I must admit that the surprise serenade that Sherri got from her husband Sal made me tear up a bit. Initially it was because of Sherri's emotional response to it, but the tears kept on coming the more Sal struggled to hit the notes! But don't let that stop you guys out there from trying a similar stunt, even if you don't have the best voice the gesture will still strike a high note with your lady!

"Wendy Williams": The daytime shows were filled with so many romantic gestures for Valentine's Day like serenading, candy, good meals and kisses to name a few. But then we saw Wendy's feet, and lets just say all that chocolate I've been eating today isn't sitting so well with me all of the sudden! I don't know what's more scary, the fact that Wendy showed her feet on national TV or that Jerry O'Connell actually rubbed them!

"Ellen": Giorgio was awesome! If you haven't seen his viral video "Giorgio Loves Sonic" yet, well then the Yahoo! search bar is right over yonder. But I wish Giorgio would just follow me around all day with his guitar. Having someone sing encouraging, positive things to you would make stuff like choosing what to have for lunch so much easier! (The vending machine just has so many choices...)

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