Tommy Lee Jones is mad!

Daytime in No Time

Today”: I really enjoyed the pickpocket segment, although I would have done things a little bit differently. They should have set up Ryan Seacrest and told him he was interviewing the guy about something totally different and in the process the guy steals everything off Ryan until he's down to a t-shirt and boxers! It's not like Ryan's gonna do anything about it, plus you know Matt Lauer would thoroughly enjoy watching Seacrest get humiliated!

Live! with Kelly and Michael”: Sure, Ryan Seacrest can brag all he wants about how many gorgeous celebrities he's hugged on the red carpet, and how much glitter, self-tanner, and deodorant he's had smeared on him. But is he even considering what all those carefully composed ladies are getting in this deal? They get all Seacrest-y! Eww..

GMA”: Mad props to the Tulsa weatherman who made it ont today for his heroic actions when his graphics computer conked out, just before the morning forecast. He grabbed some paper and pens, and an orange highlighter for sunshine, and MacGyver'd himself some weather graphics! And in case you missed it, tomorrow in Tulsa, it's going to be partly smudgy, with a 60 percent chance of Sharpie showers.

Access Hollywood Live”: Tommy Lee Jones is mad! And it's awesome! Billy showed an old interview where Tommy Lee was rather prickly and pretty much made a mockery of Billy's line of questioning. But then again with the hair Billy was sporting and how his chest hair was on display, I probably would have given him the same treatment!

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