Well-Toned Forearms!

Daytime in No Time

"Today": A-ha, I knew it! Natalie Morales totally smoked Savannah Guthrie in the staff arm-wrestling tournament. I told you guys not to sleep on Morales! I mean sure, Savannah has longer arms, and you'd think she'd have better leverage... but Natalie has those well-toned forearms! They're like, creepy strong. Plus, I'm pretty sure she cheated by lifting her elbow off the table. But I prefer to call that the "experience factor'...

"GMA": Man, I have to remember that "play the Star Wars theme to make a crying baby calm down" trick, if I ever end up stuck in a room with a little Luke or Leia. That Obi Wan Kebaby chilled right out when he heard it! I guess the force was strong with that Dad's iPhone. But hey, what do I know? When it comes to kids, I'm a Wookie...

"Wendy": Wendy had a guest chef for her cooking segment that was just 12-years-old! And while most people would be pretty impressed by that, I actually found it to be depressing. I mean, this girl can seriously cook and she's only 12! It took me 12 years just to figure how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! It just goes to show that while some 12-year-old girls are screaming their lungs out for Justin Bieber, others are screaming their lungs out for Justin Bieber AND jambalaya!

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