Willing to work undercover

Daytime in No Time

Today”: At first I thought the fourth hour had sunk to a new low by introducing a kiss cam. But it was just a shot of Lisa Rinna! She claims that she had her trademark pontoons shrunk down by a doctor two years ago, but they still looked pretty big on TV... and from space! I'd like to see that doctor's diploma, because I'm not so sure she's a collagen graduate!

GMA”: George Stephanopoulos took another Monday off. Man, he has a sweet gig! It's a news show, so they always say he's "on assignment", but I have a feeling it involves interviewing the inside of his eyelids while he sleeps in. I wouldn't mind that kind of assignment. I'm even totally willing to work undercover, as long as it means staying under my covers.

Access Hollywood Live”: How crazy is it that they had a bear on the show?! They also had a bearcat on the show and contrary to Billy's belief, it is not the product of a bear and cat mating together. But I'm sure glad Billy's fourth-grade theory made it's way out in the open for all to hear, so the animal handler in all of us could laugh at how ridiculous it is!

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