Wrecked the halls!

Daytime in No Time

Ellen”: Jamie Foxx claims he almost wrecked his own car when he drove by his own house to admire his own Christmas lights! Based on the pictures he showed, I thought his display was just okay. I mean sure, they lights were pretty, and there were a lot of them, and it was creative and all. I just thought spelling out "DJANGO UNCHAINED - NOW PLAYING" on the roof was a little tacky.

Today”: A guy in Seattle showed off pics of his Christmas tree, which looks like it wrecked the halls when it grew up (and out!) of his living room and through the roof. See? I TOLD you I watered the tree!

GDLA”: It's still unclear why Lauren Sivan was removing a bunch of clothes during her segment about winter apparel, but all of my male co-workers didn't seem to mind! And I really wish she would have put a disclaimer on the whole sledding down the stairs thing about not trying it at home, because I went straight home and tried it at my house! So along with inappropriate co-workers, now I have a sore butt to boot!

Wendy Williams”: Wendy's tribute to "The Jersey Shore" was an appropriate way to say goodbye. I got a nice reminder why I didn't watch that show very often, I had a nice a laugh and I shed a tear. Although I think the tear was from getting some self-tanner in my eye… that stuff really burns!

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