Latent Racism? NSA-Level Secrecy? Alec Baldwin? 2013 Emmy Burning Questions Answered!

Got a Burning Q about today's Emmy nominations? You're not alone. We're listening to you! And we've got your answers in this special BQLR — Burning Qs Lightning Round!

Why has an African-American woman never won Lead Actress in a Drama Series and does Kerry Washington have a legit shot? — EnnisK4, Los Angeles

To answer your first question: It could have something to do with the painful fact that, historically, Emmy largely has ignored black actresses in this key category. Need proof? Sure. The first Emmys debuted in 1949. The first African-American woman to get nominated for a leading role in a drama? Debbie Allen. For "Fame." In 1982.

Overall, only five black actresses have ever made it into this category at all, Washington among them. Does that make her odds better or worse? Well, she's up against serious competition, including Robin Wright for "House of Cards" and "Homeland" star Claire Danes.

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