Latent Racism? NSA-Level Secrecy? Alec Baldwin? 2013 Emmy Burning Questions Answered!

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Why is "American Horror Story" in the miniseries category? Isn't it just a plain old TV drama? — RobotoJinyata, Los Angeles

Per Deadline Hollywood, show creator Ryan Murphy nagged the TV Academy until they agreed to put the show in the miniseries category. Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Chairman and CEO Bruce Rosenblum recently told members of the Television Critics Association that his group evaluates such categories on a year-by-year basis.

However, it's important to note that "American Horror Story" (which led today's noms with 17) does meet a key criterion of a miniseries definition: a limited-run project that tells a single story with a beginning, middle and end that is resolved within the season.

Don't see "American Horror Story" as "limited-run?" You may have a point. Then again, no show ever has a guarantee of returning for another season until a renewal order comes in, right?


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