• Who can beat ‘The Daily Show’?

    Colbert and Stewart at "The Comedy Awards" (AP Photo/Charles Sykes)Not bad for basic cable: 'The Daily Show,' the late-night comedy show about the news, has had a nine-year winning streak in the Outstanding Variety, Music, or Comedy category. The nine-in-a-row is unprecedented since the category was established in 1951.

    But this year "The Daily Show," as funny as it is, has some serious competition. We look at who could beat the juggernaut of variety and comedy on TV.

    The Colbert Report

    "The Daily Show" begat Stephen Colbert as fake news-show host, and comedy hasn't been the same since. This year, Stephen Colbert grabbed the spotlight by creating his own Super PAC (and receiving a Peabody award for his ability to make an obtuse finance law an accessible -- and often hilarious -- topic) and still managed to fit in some singing with performers as diverse as Audra McDonald and James Taylor.

    Saturday Night Live

    If for no other reason, this season of the sketch comedy show marks the end of an era. Kristin Wiig and Andy Samberg, comic greats, will not be

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  • Live stream: 2012 Emmy nominations

    Bright and early on Thursday, July 19th, the nominations for the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards will be announced, and you can watch them live here on Yahoo!. Come back to this page at 8:38am ET/5:38 PT to see Nick Offerman of NBC's "Parks and Recreation" and Kerry Washington of ABC's "Scandal" reveal the nominees for one of television's biggest honors. Yahoo! will have live streaming of the announcements available, as well as highlights from the event.

    UPDATE: The announcements are over, but you can watch them right here:

    The 64th Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony airs on ABC with host Jimmy Kimmel on Sunday, September 23rd. For more on the awards, be sure to check out the Emmys homepage and Yahoo! TV's full coverage.

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  • Emmys: Evolving formats a tough reality

    The cast of Jersey ShoreThe Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has received a lot of criticism from the TV industry over the past decade for the way the Emmys have dealt with the explosion in reality and unscripted programming. Primary among the gripes are the fact there are too few categories, too many contenders, and too much of a one-size-fits-all framework.

    "Everything is simply too lumped together for Emmy consideration," charges one reality TV producer. "You're putting Jersey Shore in the same category as Storage Wars. It makes zero sense."

    In defense of the academy, it hasn't been easy keeping up with all of the sub-categories and sub-genres that have evolved since the unscripted boom began. And as primetime has changed, it's worked to keep up. It added the Outstanding Reality Program category in 2001, Reality-Competition Program in 2003 and Reality Host in 2008. That's in addition to categories honoring top Nonfiction Series and Nonfiction Special.

    And in May, the TV Academy's Board of Governors voted to approve the creation for the first time of a Reality Peer Group. The move "speaks volumes for the academy's sense of importance and critical mass that reality has achieved as an industry," believes John Leverence, the academy's longtime senior VP of awards.

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  • Emmys: Jessica Lange on ‘American Horror Story’

    Constance Langdon is not a neighbor you want to borrow a cup of sugar from, and you most definitely should beware when she comes bearing home-baked gifts (or, for that matter, "sweet breads"). And yet as portrayed by Jessica Lange, who came into American Horror Story with two Oscars and an Emmy on her mantel, the Harmon family's oft unwelcome visitor did not repel, she but regaled us. Thus far, Lange has netted a Screen Actors Guild Award and a Golden Globe for her first venture into series television — might another Emmy make her housewarming complete?

    AWARDSLINE: When you first started seeing the American Horror Story scripts, did you suspect the role of Constance could be Emmy-worthy?

    LANGE: I didn't really know what to think. We were shooting really fast, so I don't think anybody was thinking about the outcome as much as the process of getting through it. This was the first time I'd ever done this kind of television — a miniseries — and not being all that familiar with the world of TV, I didn't have any frame of reference. So when the performances started getting recognition, yes, it did kind of surprise me. I mean, I knew how good the writing was, and I knew there was a great deal that I could do with it — it's a big character with a huge range of emotions.

    AWARDSLINE: Given how dicey the subject matter could get, how did you find the humanity amidst of all this surreality?

    LANGE: I just paid attention to creating this character and playing her as absolutely real as I could, in the context of all this other stuff. I really didn't think in terms of the overall sweep of the piece, or the tone of it.

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  • Michelle King, Julianna Margulies, Robert KingRobert King, co-creator of CBS' The Good Wife with wife Michelle King, called star Julianna Margulies' 2011 Emmy win for best actress in a drama series the highlight of their year. When you lose the Emmy competition, Robert jokes, "you dismiss the awards and say those don't matter anyway. And then when you win, it's 'damn right — everything's right with the universe.' Everybody understands art."

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