• It's time to roll out the red carpet (literally!) for the Primetime Emmy Awards. But if this year's red carpet is anything like the past, some stars will need to have thick skin under those designer duds. Past Emmys red carpets have included everything from kisses to disses. Check out these buzzworthy red carpet moments of the past.

    1. Kathy Griffin overwhelms Ryan Seacrest

    At the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards in 2011, comedian Kathy Griffin moved in for the kiss and made the moves on E! News host Ryan Seacrest. Griffin first asked Seacrest if he was "still banging the dancer." (That'd be Seacrest's ex, pro dancer Julianne Hough.)

    After the comedian doled out a few more digs about his love life, Seacrest changed the topic to Griffin's makeup, saying her lips looked "very, very red." Then he asked her, "Have you left a mark on anyone?"

    Bad line of questioning, Seacrest! Griffin used the inquiry as a cue to go for a sloppy lip lock.

    "Oh, gosh," Seacrest said as she leaned in for a big, red

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  • 25 Years Later, 'Wonder Years' Favorite Revisits Emmy Win

    The glasses. Remember the glasses?

    Josh Saviano played the highly allergic Paul Pfieffer on "The Wonder Years." In the years since, Saviano has kept a relatively low profile, choosing to get out of show biz and into law.

    Yahoo TV recently caught up with the former child actor about his memories from the set, his trip to the Emmys, and the crush he had on Olivia d'Abo, who played Fred Savage's big sister.

    "The Wonder Years" won the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series in 1988 after just six episodes aired on ABC. Saviano was there for the ceremony. "I do remember that night that I was in the building, but I was very far back on the first floor away from the stage. If you look at the footage, you'll see I was the last one to get to the stage because I was by far the furthest out."

    [ Photos: The most surprising Emmy snubs of all time ]

    Backstage, Saviano recalled, he had a run-in with a legend of television. "I literally ran into Michael J. Fox," he said. "I believe he was presenting that year.

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  • 10 Awesomely Hysterical Emmy Speeches [Video]

    Here we are now, entertain us! When it comes to Emmy Award speeches, we like them short, sweet, and funny. Luckily, over the years, many winners have amused us with dry wit, silly gags, or just outright astonishment. Check out 10 of the funniest Emmy speeches of all time.

    1. Valerie Harper (1971)

    Harper was used to making people laugh as Rhoda

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  • Yahoo TV Extra Emmys: The Winners

    Team Olitz claims victory. (AP Photo/ABC, Richard Cartwright)

    Our Extra Emmys categories were meant to be a nice appetizer to Sunday evening’s main course. It was meant to be inclusive (over 50 shows and a dozen networks were in the fray) and fun, but what happened instead was an internet blood feud we may never recover from. Team Caskett vs. Team Olitz will be remembered for generations.

    Best Couple: Olivia and Fitz (“Scandal”)

    We lead off with Best Couple because it was as epic as a battle as you will ever see. For four days fans of “Castle” and “Scandal” went to war, the leader swinging back and forth on an hourly basis. “Castle” looked to have the win sealed when the Gladiators got a rallying cry from Olivia Pope herself. The final result? Olivia and Fitz 51%, Castle and Beckett 45%. Caskett supporters should hold their heads high, because…

    Best Show Overlooked by the Academy: “Castle”

    “Scandal” was ineligible for this category due to Kerry Washington’s Best Actress nod, opening up the door for Caskett fans to get their crown. They dominated a

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  • If timing is everything, then "NCIS" has nothing. At least where the Primetime Emmys are concerned.

    No, TV's most-watched show was not nominated for Outstanding Drama Series, nor has it ever been nominated for Outstanding Drama Series, nor perhaps will it ever be nominated.

    "I just couldn't see it happening," says Jonathan Nichols-Pethick, author of "TV Cops: The Contemporary American Television Police Drama."

    Maybe we should rephrase: Bad timing is everything.

    The beginning of the end was in the beginning. In 2004, the first year that "NCIS" was eligible for an Emmy, "The Sopranos" became the first cable show to claim the top drama prize.

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    Prior to the breakthrough win, broadcast TV, episodic TV, police procedurals, and spinoffs — "NCIS," a descendant of "JAG," for those who have forgotten, is a member of all four categories — were welcome in the

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