Top 5 Moments From the Emmy Press Room

From actors to writers and directors, Nokia Theater was packed with television favorites. In the press room, there were many moments that most people didn't get to see. Here are the top five:

  • Elizabeth Moss (Peggy Olson in "Mad Men") and Ben Feldman (Michael Ginsberg in "Mad Men") kept things cool. They are clearly close in real life and they were hanging outside leisurely chatting with a few friends before the show began.
  • Jon Cryer (Alan Harper in "Two and a Half Men") seemed genuinely surprised when he won for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.  In fact, he says he was so certain Jim Parsons from "The Big Bang Theory" was going to win that he hadn't bothered to think about an acceptance speech and said that's why his "sucked."
  • Julie Bowen (Claire in "Modern Family") was so excited to hear who won Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series that she delayed the start of her interviews so she could watch the live feed from the press room.
  • No one seemed to know how to hold an Emmy. A pregnant Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison in "Homeland") rested hers on her hip, Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody in "Homeland") set his on the floor while he did interviews, and Rico Rodriguez (Manny in "Modern Family") was so excited when he got his Emmy that he held it up and danced with it when the cast came backstage for interviews.
  • Ed O'Neill (Jay in "Modern Family") wasn't as impressed as his younger co-star.  While the cast was answering questions, he was off to the side engrossed in his cell phone.

"Modern Family" cast in the press room (WireImage)