Yahoo TV Extra Emmys: Best Couple

The Emmys do their best at honoring the best in television, but a few things fall through the cracks. Here is your chance to vote on the Best Couple from the 2012-2013 television season.

Jess and Nick ("New Girl") — Although the male roommates made a pact when Zooey Deschanel's Jess moved into the loft to not date her, the titular character's chemistry with Jake Johnson's Nick was too much to resist. Their first kiss is one of the great TV smooches in recent history.

Jane and Brad ("Happy Endings") — The best husband and wife on TV? Eliza Coupe and Daman Wayons Jr. are perfect in their roles, grounding the consistently wacky show with a marriage that's eccentric, sexy, strong, and grounded.

Ava and Boyd ("Justified") – The redneck king (Walton Goggins) and queen (Joelle Carter) of Harlan County, Kentucky's, finest are just like any other couple in their desire to move into the nice house on the hill and open up a business together (a Dairy Queen, in this instance). The Crowders are unlike most couples in that they must deal with running a criminal empire while striving for the American dream.

Castle and Beckett ("Castle") — Four years' worth of "Will they or won't they?" was answered with an affirmative "Yes, they will" in Season 5 of ABC's popular murder mystery. Nathan Fillion's roguish author and Stana Katic's NYPD detective worked as well in a relationship as they did as flirty partners in crime solving.

Leslie and Ben ("Parks and Recreation") – These two political nerds (Amy Poehler and Adam Scott) found love in a Pawnee place, overcame city rules about employees dating, survived a long-distance relationship, and eventually had one of the best weddings in television history.

Brennan and Booth ("Bones") — The last season of "Bones" saw Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz's crime-fighting duo move into a new house together to raise their daughter, Christine. A wedding was canceled under nefarious circumstances, but it's impossible to keep two people with a mutual appreciation of Foreigner away from holy matrimony for long.

Adam and Kristina ("Parenthood") — This is perhaps the strongest and most stable marriage on television, as Peter Krause and Monica Potter are the emotional rocks of the Braverman clan. Last season saw Kristina battling breast cancer, a journey that led to a few years heråe and there. (We bawled.)

Olivia and Fitz ("Scandal") — It is difficult to be in love with the president of the United States, especially if he's married and you happen to be Washington's best fixer. Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn do a tremendous job of navigating a gauntlet of scorned lovers and assassination attempts together.


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