Yahoo TV Extra Emmys: Departing Show You'll Miss The Most

The Emmys do their best at honoring the best in television, but a few things fall through the cracks. Here is your chance to vote on the Departing Show You'll Miss The Most from the 2012-2013 television season.

"30 Rock" — Speaking of low expectations and high joke-per-minute rates, "30 Rock" was supposed to be overshadowed by "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" when they both premiered on NBC in fall 2006. "Studio 60" lasted only a season, while Tina Fey's creation steamed along, seamlessly incorporating a bevy of EGOT-worthy guest stars into a behind-the-scenes look at sketch series "TGS with Tracy Jordan."

"Bunheads" — It is nothing short of a travesty that "Bunheads" was axed after only one season on ABC Family. We fear that many viewers passed on the show, plagued by low ratings, because it was marketed as a tween drama about ballet school. In reality, it was "Gilmore Girls" revisited, a collection of characters coming of age (any age) in a small town, with funny, fast-talking dialogue from creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and a brilliant lead performance from Tony-winner Sutton Foster.

"Enlightened" — Unlike any other show on TV, HBO's half-hour dramedy told the story of Amy Jellicoe (Laura Dern), a corporate lifer who attempted to make the world a better place following a breakdown. The show provided a platform for Luke Wilson and Mike White to turn in some of the best work of their careers.

"Fringe" — The FOX sci-fi drama survived low ratings and threats of cancellation to last five seasons and 100 episodes, an eternity for a cult show that explored parallel dimensions and alternate timelines. Devoted fans flocked to the show to see the conclusion of the story of Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv), Walter Bishop (John Noble), and his son Peter (Joshua Jackson).

"Gossip Girl" — The CW teen soap burned through a lot of plot and used nearly every available coupling in its six seasons, but it never stopped being glamorous or absolutely insane along the way.

"Happy Endings" — When it premiered in 2010, everyone assumed that the ABC sitcom was just another "Friends" knockoff. After taking a few episodes to find its footing, "Happy Endings" instead became one of the funniest shows on TV, with a strong ensemble (who knew Elisha Cuthbert had jokes?) and one of the highest joke-per-minute rates.

"The Office" — Although the show probably should have ended with the departure of Steve Carell's Michael Scott, we now have 201 episodes — most pretty damned good, most showing a whole lot of heart — of the decade's quintessential workplace comedy.

"Southland" — The Los Angeles police drama had a weird existence, debuting on NBC before migrating to TNT for its final four seasons. Viewers who followed it were rewarded with a show that joined "The Shield," "Homicide," "Hill Street Blues," "NYPD Blue" and "The Wire" in the cop show pantheon.


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