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'2 Broke Girls' Bestie-cap: Is Their Friendship in Danger Over a Little 'Piece of Sheet'?

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Max and Caroline on CBS's '2 Broke Girls.'

This week on "2 Broke Girls," Caroline's gift to Max doesn't earn her the gratitude she expects. Caroline pulls a little too much hair out, and Max stays awake and angry for days. The gals end up fighting over sleeping pills, bad wigs, donation dumpster diving, "And the Piece of Sheet," as the episode title indicates.

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Best Bad Hair Day Ever

Caroline seems to have a shedding problem. When Han finds a long lock of blonde hair in the kitchen, he nervously asks Max if her friend has "The Big C." Turns out Caroline would prefer people think that she does, but the truth is she has extensions, and they have a short shelf life. "This is unbe-weavable!" Caroline laments, marching off to the bathroom to reattach a handful of faux hair.

The good news is that the cupcake business has actually caused something incredible to happen. The gals have extra money to spend this month, so Caroline rushes off to get new extensions. She also gifts Max with a new set of bedding. "A spare set of sheets?" Max asks, shocked. "Who am I, the Queen of England?"

Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs dish on this very hairy episode:

Best Innuendo

Caroline is happy to have her blonde tresses back in order so she can impress one of her regular customers at the diner, a flirty guy she's nicknamed the "Turkey Club Cutie." She's certain he'll ask her for a date, especially when he asks what time she gets off. "If a man's gonna wait for you to get off," Oleg drawls from the kitchen, "he's a keeper."

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Bestie Adventure

Max seems unduly upset by Caroline's gift, waking her up in the middle of the night to demand her old sheets back. Caroline's put them in the donation box down the street, and Max forces her to go with her to retrieve them. Max finally confesses that she's had the pillowcase since childhood, and it was her version of a security blanket when times were rough. Now she can't sleep without it.

As Caroline shifts dirty bags aside to help Max climb up into the donation box, she moans, "I feel like we're not even acknowledging our low points anymore." Things take an even worse turn when Max announces from the bowels of the box that she's "not alone." It seems the gals have disturbed a homeless man's bed, and Max's sweet sheets aren't so sweet anymore.

Best Local Pharmacist

Max decides that if she can't have her old sheets back, she needs a sleeping pill. At 3 a.m., they find Sophie in the middle of cocktail hour in her apartment. She's happy to share her stash of pharmaceuticals with Max. They just have to avoid the "German pill," which Sophie keeps "in case they release the bombs or I'm ever abandoned in space." Obviously she's as freaked out by the movie "Gravity" as we all are.

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Best '80s Hair

Since Caroline took away her personal crutch, Max takes away one of hers. She forces Caroline to wear a streaky dark blonde '80s wig to prove she doesn't rely on it to get through her day. Caroline decides that adopting a persona makes the bad hair work. "I could be Charlize Theron in the 'Jon Bon Jovi Story,'" she decides. Max thinks she looks more like Rod Stewart in a waitress uniform.

Best Dramatic Entrance

Sophie bursts into the diner in another of her head-turning skintight outfits; this time topped off with huge dark sunglasses and a wide-brimmed black hat. "Hey, Sophie," Earl greets her in surprise, "are you here for the mafia-wife discount?"

Sophie claims to be traveling incognito, until she loudly announces to Max that she's brought her drugs. Luckily, there are no cops around, but the pills are confiscated anyway — by Caroline. She wants Max to learn to fall asleep on her own.

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Best BFF Moment

Max explains that her old pillowcase was soft and worn and had an edge just like the rolled trim on Caroline's new Eiffel Tower print PJs. Of course Caroline has to joke about Max's sheets having "an edge." She does admit that Max was right, though — that she does covet material things and shouldn't have criticized her BFF for it.

After babbling awhile, she realizes Max has finally fallen asleep, clutching that familiar edge. Bemoaning her loss of "nice things," Caroline generously cuts off the bottom corner of her pajama top so Max can sleep peacefully with it. Friends are more important than material things, after all.

"2 Broke Girls" airs Mondays at 8:30 p.m. on CBS.

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