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'2 Broke Girls' Bestie-cap: The Gals Take a Stab at Being Baristas

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Caroline and Max in "2 Broke Girls"

In "2 Broke Girls" episode "And the Group Head," best friends Max and Caroline do what it takes to keep their cupcake shop competitive with the Starbucks on the corner. "And the other corner." Highlights of the night came from the new "day waiter/gay waiter," a lovelorn Oleg, and a demonic cappuccino machine.

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Best Customer Putdown

Max and Caroline are stunned when a customer tells his date she'd better order a salad instead of the fries she wants but "doesn't need." When the offended woman heads off for a bathroom break, the gals warn the clueless guy that his actions have consequences. "One of these days she's comin' after you," Caroline says ominously. "Probably in the dark, probably with a knife." The guy wisely decides that fries are a great choice after all.

Watch Max and Caroline zing this jerky customer: 

Best Dramatic Entrance

Usually this award would go to the crazy and vivacious Sophie, teetering in on impossibly high heels in a sparkling gold dress. But tonight on "2 Broke Girls" we were introduced to Luis, a new waiter who is obsessed with his moisturizing regimen, has the "Sex and the City" theme song as his ring tone, and hilariously has the hots for Oleg. Otherwise, he's not interested in making friends or getting personal.

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"Did my father put a gun in his mouth at my seventh birthday party? Yes, but I don't bring that to work," he snaps, chastising them for oversharing. "And I'm in love with you," Max gushes. So much for not making friends.

Meet Luis

Best Innuendo

Luis was the gift that kept on giving in this episode, as he trained for the job with Max. "We've got the four-tops," she droned, indicating the tables around them, "the two-tops ... are you a top?"

"Oh please," Luis said with a huff. "No one is pushing this $25,000 face into a pillow."

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Best 'I Know a Guy' Situation

Max and Caroline always have some sort of scheme going, and this week they hoped to get a cappuccino machine to compete with their rival Starbucks. It's not long before Oleg is lugging a machine into the cupcake shop, nervously jumping at police sirens as he sets down the unit that's probably hotter than the steamed milk it creates.

"I did not steal it," he insists. "I knowingly bought it from a man who stole it, and I'm selling it at a profit. It's the Armenian way." Yes, we know he's not Armenian. And he doesn't actually make a profit. He's willing to let it go for free if the girls agree to ask Sophie if she'd ever consider getting back with him.

Oleg smuggles in the cappuccino machine:

Bestie Adventure

The two BFFs can't figure out how to work their new machine, so they grudgingly apply for jobs at Starbucks. They plan to work only a few hours, long enough to learn the machine, but they can't even last that long. Suffering from the duress of waiting on customers who are even more pretentious than the diner hipsters, Max is soon labeling the cup for "Gregg with three G's" with a lewd drawing of male anatomy. Wearing a hat. So much for collecting that good insurance package.

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It's back to trial and error, then, as Max and Caroline struggle to make the new "grande" addition to the shop work. After the machine repeatedly steams her pants in a very sensitive area, and the 100 innuendos that follow, Caroline finally makes the perfect cappuccino — with the help of a strategically placed frying pan.

The gals get a job at a coffee shop:

Best Tears

Oleg is devastated because Sophie doesn't seem interested in him at all and has moved on. He's especially distressed when he learns that she's hooking up with guys on Staten Island. He chokes back a few tears as he protests: "She went to the Island without me? We were going to travel the world together."

Sophie does the walk of shame:

Caroline's Best Irrational Optimism

When Sophie bluntly tells Caroline that she doesn't think their cupcake business will succeed, Caroline's ready with a cheery answer. "That's not what the psychic on the subway told me," she says with confidence, "but duly noted."

"2 Broke Girls" airs Mondays at 8:30 p.m. on CBS.

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